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Naked Excursions Disc 1 - FULL HD Download Only

Running Time: 80 minutes | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MP4
Producer: Charles MacFarland Email
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Release year 2018



Please note: this download contains only DISC 1.

Disc 1

To enjoy life you really need to get out and about, so this DVD celebrates girls going on naked excursions of many kinds.  Most of these girls enjoy the exquisite thrill of going naked in front of lots of people.  They enjoy being looked at and admired, chatting with people and posing for photographs.  Girls love being the centre of attention and being admired for their sexiness and daring.

The first excursion, however, is by three 18-year-old girls named Eva, Lucie, and Zhuska.  They ride off into the woods and get naked, and arrive at a green valley.  It’s a great place to race their horses around, after which they dismount and run around themselves and do exercises.  It’s fun to watch these lovely young girls having fun on a warm summer’s day.

Katie goes to Berlin for her excursion.  She loves walking naked along one of the city’s crowded boulevards.  There’s a big football final on, so the streets are crowded with many spectators who see her and admire her.  When people take photos of her, she happily stops and poses for them.  Katie loves being an exhibitionist, and enjoys her excursion for a long time.  Tereza has exhibitionist fun in two shops too.

Jimena has even more exhibitionist fun by going to an open day at the sculpture park of Xigu, a prominent sculptor near Barcelona.  She chats with everyone, enjoys an open air barbecue, serves wine, and poses happily in front of dozens of clicking cameras.  As the afternoon wanes, she dances happily naked with some of the guests as many others watch her.


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