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Happy Exercises

Running Time: 86 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MP4
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Release year 2019

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Happy Exercises
happy_exercises_box.jpgHappy Exercises - DVD
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When girls enjoy a strenuous workout, its wonderful to watch their beautiful naked bodies twisting, straining, and flexing in happy exercises.

Lucia and Kylie are a fun-loving pair, and they throw themselves into rolling on the bed and playing at being different sorts of animals.  They work out with the windmill, the pendulum, leg lifts, twists, and star jumps.

Denisa and Izabella love showing off their bodies, so we had them do sexy exercises that allow a maximum of exposure.  Denisa caresses herself, and Izabella helps her too.

Tereza has a shapely body which rewards examination from all angles.  We study her as she moves like a cat, rolls along the carpet, and poses for photos.  She does cat exercises too, and even some sexy bondage.  Finally, we have her do weight lifting for extra effort.

Gwen looks beautiful walking and running in the green outdoors.  Just gazing at her body as she moves gracefully sends our minds soaring.

Finally, Anastasia runs around outside and perches sexily on a bench.  She works hard at the pendulum, rocking on the bed, leg lifts, torso twists, and weight lifing.  She concentrates so fiercely that we can see the pains of effort in her sexy beautiful face.

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