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Free Video Segments and Online Specials

Please note all short videos on this page are in lower quality. All videos available for purchase are in FULL HD or in very high quality.

Barcelona By Night (14:06):

A busy nightclub is a wonderful place for fun, and it’s even better if there are beautiful girls dancing naked in the crowds. Synetech went to five nightclubs in Barcelona in 2010 with Anna, Marina, Gwen, Shannon, Andrea, Agi, Dominika, and Fenja. The girls had a great time, and lots of people enjoyed watching them, taking photos, and even dancing with them.

The visits were organized by our Barcelonan friend Jose Baca. Jose suggested, as a way of thanking the clubs, we might make a special short video of highlights of our visits. That would be good publicity for the clubs, and a good way to encourage other clubs to let us do more shoots.

So here’s the result, “Barcelona By Night,” with about two minutes on each of five clubs: Roxy Blue, Catwalk, La Terrazza, Club Otto Zutz, and The One. More extended versions of these nights can be found in “Floating” and the four “Barcelona Magic” videos.

We hope these great clubs and many others will encourage naked girls to make a special night for everyone!



Barcelona Magic 2 Segment (2:37):


Dominika Dancing (Online only! Not in any video!) (3:41):



Holidays With Girls Segment (2:16):


Jana In Australia Segment (2:46):


Naked & Proud 3 Segment (4:06):


Party Night And Day Segment (3:32):


Walking And Running (Online only! Not in any video!) (5:55):


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