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Travels With Naked Girls

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Chapter 14.  


By now I was beginning to understand the principles of travels with girls.

1. You need to have a pretext for travels with girls.

2. You need to have enough money to pay for their travels.

3. You need to be clear in your own mind that you are not after romance or sex.

Point 1. The pretext is important. Beautiful girls tend to be very hesitant and cautious. They like to have a good reason for traveling with a man.

If the man is much older, they need to have a plausible explanation in their own minds, so they won't feel like a sex servant.

In my case the pretext for travels was simple. I needed a model, someone whom I could video at the resorts, and in other good locations like beaches, when there was no one else handy.

Point 2. You need to have enough money to pay for the girls, simply because, being young, they probably won't have enough money to travel at their own expense. In my case the girls modeled for me in exchange for their expenses.

After all I was making money from the videos. No reason why I shouldn't share the wealth with the girls.

Point 3.   The most important. If you use video as a way to come on to girls, you will put them right off.

Many men do try to get models simply because they want sex, or even romance, but this seldom works. Women are very perceptive about this sort of thing, and are generally annoyed and put off by attempts to accost them this way.

Men like this are a nuisance to me, and to everyone else.   They make women suspicious and doubtful. If someone (like me) is genuinely trying to make good video, these men are a serious hinderance. They make life more difficult, and less enjoyable, for everybody.

If you follow these principles, travels with girls are now possible. It's important to realize that times have changed.

Recently I saw a 1954 movie called To Paris With Love. Alec Guiness (then 40) played a Scottish lord who struck up a friendship with a girl in Paris played by Odile Soissons (then 24). The friendship ran into trouble immediately because of the boy friend and the father of the girl.

The boy friend assumed the Scottish lord was after the girl to marry her, and hated it. The father assumed the Scottish lord was after the girl but not to marry her, and hated it. The only thing they both agreed on was that the couple must be having sex.

That was what the 1950's (and the years before) were like.   Everyone thought the relationship had to be based on sex and (possibly) marriage. It didn't occur to anybody, not even the lord and the girl themselves, that they could have a great friendship and a lot of fun together.

Or watch Lost In Translation, in which Bill Murray's character strikes up a friendship with a girl played by Scarlett Johansson. He feels too old to have sex and romance with her, and doesn't understand any other way to continue their acquaintance. A pity, because the two have much to offer each other. The friendship dies because he doesn't understand that it doesn't have to.

To my way of thinking, the greatest change since the 1950's has been the acceptance of variety in people. People have learned that there is more than one right way to do things. "Different strokes for different folks."

Before the 1960's, the only legitimate way for a man to relate to a woman was if they were heading toward marriage. Friendship was out.

The only legitimate way to have sex was a man with a woman. Gays were out. The only legitimate way to live was to get married, get a steady job, get kids, get a house with a mortgage, and so on and on. Get, get, get. Alternative lifestyles were out.

I think such ideas have changed.

I like to think that men and women can now relate on some other basis than monogamy. I like to think that old people can be friends with young people. I like to think that my travels with girls have shown these things are true.

In July 1999 Henriette traveled to the U. S., and we went to Starwood together. She loved it. She walked around naked all day, shopping in the market stalls and waiting in line for food at the cafes. She was not the only one going naked at Starwood, but she was striking.

Henriette was tall, as Dutch people often are, and she had a great figure. Her naturally blond hair was cut short, and she had a great smile. She loved to show off her body, and she felt great when people admired her.

She loved the all-night drumming and dancing sessions too. There were lots of people dancing naked around the bonfire to the music of the naked drummer.

Henriette wanted to go further too, into bondage. As it happened, there was a lot of bondage that year at Starwood. Several bondage gear merchants had set up their tents, and one of them, David Lee, agreed to do a video segment in "How To Tie Up Your Girl Friend."

David tied Henriette's arms behind her back so she could scarcely move them, then had her lie down and tied her legs wide open so she couldn't move them either. I asked Henriette how she felt, and she breathed, "Sexy." This video can be seen in Free & Wild 7: Peace and Freedom.

Henriette loved being tied up, and we did lots of video of her in motel rooms and in my cottage in Connecticut. She loved traveling too, and was a great companion.

Motel rooms are great for bondage. In one room I tied her spread-eagled to the bed, and in another there was a metal rack high up on the wall for hanging things, and I tied her arms to it, so she was stretched upward on tip toes. Her arms started to ache after awhile, but she didn't want me to untie her.   She loved it.

In another motel room she got carried away by the delights of the hot shower, and started caressing herself for my video camera. I led her back to the bed, and she caressed herself to orgasm. Twice.

That demonstrated another curious thing about beautiful girls. They really want sex. They don't want to appear to be wanting sex, so they will reject any obvious moves on the part of the sex-minded man. But sometimes they will get carried along on their own enthusiasm.

I remember a model named Mona, who was also Dutch by descent. She was also a natural blond and had a great sensual figure.

We did a yoga shoot at the beach one afternoon. She did yoga in a small forest, and wove around the trees and climbed their trunks in a slow sexy dance. Then she ran to the beach and went swimming and rolled in the shallow waves. I did lots of shots of her playing in the water and rubbing sand on her body by the shore.

She came back to my small apartment and took a hot shower to get the salt off, soaping her body with lots of lather. She obviously loved the camera watching her.

We made a circle of candles on the floor, for it was night by now, and I suggested she meditate in the circle and rub oil on her body. The oil gleamed in the candle light, and I was impressed by how lovely it made her.

Gradually it became a game of finding more sexy things that she could do for the camera. I did shots of her massaging her face, and then gradually letting her hands wander down over her breasts. Then I had her rub oil on her stomach and up over her breasts to her face. These shots looked nice, so we did them again.

The candle light was lovely. I am very impressed by modern video cameras, which can make a usable image by the light of only a few candles. I'd already seen this in our naked party with Kai, Uti, and Lance, which is in Free & Wild 1: Party Naked.

I put a few more candles in the bedroom and set out some incense sticks too. I asked Mona to lie on the bed and continue the oil, starting with her face and working down over her breasts to her stomach. Then I had her raise her legs and run her hands over them too, to put on a light coating of oil. It got more and more sexy as she caressed her legs, raising them up into the air.

Mona got more and more relaxed, and went into a kind of meditative trance. She kept caressing herself all over her lovely naked body. It was a kind of mystical evening. I'm not sure how far she went, but she didn't want to stop.

Looking back on it now, I realize this was the first time I discovered how the way to get girls to be sexy is to go slowly, gradually encouraging them to do more and more sexy things. Mona gradually became more and more flushed, first at the beach, then the shower, then the candles and oil.

It made a great segment in Free & Wild 3: Sensory Wonder.


Chapter 15.  

The Perils of Sexy Living.

It never rains but it pours. Since I like rain, that seems like a good thing.

While I was at Starwood in 1999 with Henriette, I met Bella. She was a charming kittenish young beauty of about 19. She was very fond of sex.

Bella went around naked a lot at Starwood, and when she heard they were having a witches' ritual on the body of a naked woman, she volunteered. The ritual was mostly fun, for the Starwood people do not take themselves terribly seriously. Bella certainly had fun.

In the ritual each person made a chant or an offering, then poured out oil and wine on the altar and kissed it. Bella enjoyed that, her fair white skin making contrast to the clear yellow of the oil and the red of the wine.

It never rains but it pours. One afternoon we had a huge storm at Starwood. This is not unusual; the area is some kind of storm vortex.

The rain caught Bella and me as we were heading for my tent, and we made a run for it. Bella got soaked, and since she was naked, we had to roll her around on a towel and rub her dry. Then we listened to the storm, and Bella wanted to put on some wild music too, but I told her the music of the storm was enough. She agreed, shivering and feeling the music through her body.

Another afternoon I did video of Bella and Henriette together in a tent. They started kissing each other. I encouraged them, and I think Bella was willing, but Henriette was still a little shy of kissing a girl, even one as cute and eager as Bella. That changed later, as you'll see.

After Starwood, Henriette and I drove back to my cottage, stopping in motels as often as I could. Too soon she had to go back to Holland, but then Bella came to my cottage.

We did lots of video. She got up early one morning and played in the dewy field behind the cottage, and even rolled wetly across all the flowers. Also we tried a sort of ritual in which she played with a candle flame and tried to waft it across her body. You can see the results in Free & Wild 2: Spirit In Motion.

Having had some fun, and a lot of success, making videos of resorts in France, I hoped this year (1999) to try to make a video about a resort in the U. S. Bern Loibl, always helpful, suggested I try Paradise Lakes in Florida.

Paradise Lakes was willing, and I decided to take along Bella as a companion and occasional model, little realizing what I was letting myself in for.

As I've said before, I was eager to merge the two worlds of the hippie gatherings and the nudist resorts. In fact they don't merge very well. You would think nudists would be fairly progressive in their attitudes, but in fact many are quite conservative.

Part of this conservativeness stems from the fear many naturists have of being "outed." Many don't want their fellow employees at work, their neighbours, or even their families to know they are nudists.

It's interesting to compare the gays with the nudists in this respect. Over the last fifty years, gays have been very successful in changing the way the world sees them.

If nudists had been as successful as the gays in promoting their cause, it would not only be legal now to go nude anywhere you liked, it would also be a crime for anyone to say anything against it. What a world!

Anyway, naive and eager, I set off for Florida with Bella to make a video about Paradise Lakes.

We both flew down and met at the airport. Bella was wearing a sort of t-shirt with the bottom cut off to expose her midruff. It was cut off so short that you could see the bottoms of her breasts, if she reached up. I thought it was pretty sexy. I loved it.

At Paradise Lakes, however, Bella's flair for showing off got her into trouble.

She said she had had an accident in her father's Lincoln Continental a couple of weeks before we set off. She was pretty much OK, but her back had been stressed and she had to do flexing exercises a couple of times each day.

These involved lying on the carpet and twisting to one side and then the other. I have to admit it looked pretty sexy. She did it on the floor of the common room, because that was the only place that had a carpet.

She got reported to the resort managers for writhing in what looked like (to some of the nudists) sexual ecstasy on the floor.

The resort had a large hot tub, and that was another lure for Bella. She loved it. She liked to climb into the lap of any single men who were in it, in order to cuddle and get to know them better.

This also got her reported, and the sad thing is that the managers blamed her. Bella was new to the resort; she had no way of knowing their rules were different from Starwood's. The men she cuddled had been members for years. They could have told her that such behaviour was flexing the rules. For some reason, they didn't.

Bella was the woman, so she got blamed.   She soon found herself banned from the nude area of the resort, though not from the caravan we were renting at a high price, which was outside the nude area.

Actually, that was a break for me. I had a lot more fun in the caravan with Bella than in the resort. The shooting in the resort went very slowly.

It was hard to shoot video because Americans are very puritanical and nudists are very hesitant about being in any kind of publicity. Even the lady who ran the real estate agency at the resort (you could buy and sell accomodation there) had to keep her business a secret from her regular real estate agency.

To shoot video, I had to find people who were willing, then go find one of the managers, because I wasn't allowed to shoot unless one of the managers was beside me. Often by the time I tracked down one of the managers and brought him or her back, the willing subjects had wandered away somewhere. It was very frustrating.

It was also easy to see why nudism hadn't advanced at all over the last thirty years, unlike the gays.

Bella and I went to the ocean, and she played naked in the waves. We went to Epcot for a day, and enjoyed the movies and games and international villages.

We set off for Disneyland, and it was stormy that day. We listened on the car radio, and it was a hurricane, Hurricane Floyd.

"Wow, I've never been in a hurricane," Bella enthused.

"And you don't want to be," I answered. "Hurricanes are no joke."

So we turned around, and Bella complimented me. She said the thing she liked about me was I let my heart guide me.

I remember we stopped for lunch, and they had stuffed animals for sale, and I bought her a Florida panther cub. It was really cute, and she loved it. She asked me what we should call it.

"How about Floyd?"

On the drive back to Paradise Lakes, I put on some music that I really liked, a spiritual tape called Inspiration. I felt wonderful. Driving along, beautiful Bella at my side, the music, the storm all around . . . I had one of those hours of pure bliss that come to us once in awhile.

I called it an epiphany. It was happiness, and I knew it was happiness. No matter how many times I travel with girls, I'll always remember that hour.

It was like the time with Roshelle at Chartes.

After the weather settled down, we went to Ybor City, which was once the Cuban part of Tampa, with many exotic old buildings. Ybor City was closed to traffic on Friday and Saturday evenings, and it was great to wander around the exotic shops. We even met a man in a monster suit who let us make video of him and a couple of girls he was pretending to devour.

You can see all this in Surrender To The Sun, Part 2. Iput it together with the footage of Uti from some of the Greek islands.

Bella and I also went to the Riverboat Club. This was a great little place, very laid back and informal. There was a gathering like Starwood going on, by the Phoenix Club. Bella had a great time wandering around naked there. Nobody minded her stretching and writhing.

The Riverboat Club really did have a riverboat, but it was sitting on a small lake. There wasn't any river. I think they used the riverboat for accomodation.

Anyway there had great parties at the Riverboat Club, and we were lucky enough to be there for one. We danced on a small stage, and I did video of a lovely young mother and her seven-year-old son. You can see the party in Surrender to the Sun, Part 2.

There was a sexy lady there too, who enjoyed writhing on one of the pool tables while men stood around the table and watched. Bella lay on the table with her and they kissed and caressed each other a little bit. The lady's husband was really keen for Bella and me to visit them at their home.

I did video of another young mother with her tiny child in the swimming pool, and lots of video of Bella showering and dancing. Bella loved it, and everybody at the Riverboat Club loved Bella.

Which goes to show, if a kittenish young beauty wants to be sexy and do sexy things, she just has to find the right place to do it.


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