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Travels With Naked Girls

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Chapter 34.

Naked In Public.

Shannon went naked in public all over Barcelona in 2009, as I said. She toured the Dali Museum, posing with the statues there. She took off her clothes in a delicatessen called La Piñeda, chatted with two men there, posed for photos, and then walked out into the crowds in the street. She walked all around the streets of Barcelona.

We wondered what effect the camera might be having on people's reactions, so she suggested walking a long way in one of the narrow streets of the old city, with lots of people all around.   People would see only her and not be aware of the camera. It was a bold and happy experiment which caused some very surprised looks.

Twice as she was walking along naked in the city streets, a tour group went past, with lots more people. People loved taking photos of her. Once there were so many people lined up to take photos that she was posing for five minutes.

She even posed for an artist in a weekend art market, standing naked and proud for ten minutes in the open city square where everyone could see her.

You can see all these shoots in Walking Proud.

You can tell when you watch this footage that Shannon really enjoyed herself. You can see her smiling, and she looks really happy. She loves having people look at her and take photos while she talks to them, or poses for them.

It confirmed my theory that girls love to be the centre of attention and perform for people all around. It's the biological remnant of the times when the business of girls in life was to get pregnant and provide babies for the tribe.

She even visited a crowded nightclub, all naked and beautiful. Shannon is a wonderful dancer. People chatted with her and danced with her. She even got up on a metal box so that everyone could see her dancing above them.

Shannon had a new lover named Boris. Boris, I'm happy to say, really loved it. He came along for the shoot and danced with her, and had a drink at the bar with her. Shannon even sat in his lap and they kissed. It made lovely footage for the camera. It was an exciting and perfect night.

We had another exciting night too, St. Joan, which is the Catalan spelling of St. John. The festival of St John is on June 23, and there is always a city-wide party on the night before. It's a Christian version of a much older festival, Midsummer Night's Eve.

Shannon had a friend named Sarita staying with us in our apartment. Well, actually it was only Sarita that was there. Shannon had her new lover Boris, so she never used the apartment for sleeping. Boris was from Argentina, and was an expert on tango, so Shannon was swept away like a Fukishima Japanese.

We all went out on the town around midnight, along with the nude-in-public guy Jan Vels and his girl friend Sarka, pronounced Sharka. It was a wild night.

First we bought a bottle of gin and two bottles of orange drink. We poured out half the orange and refilled the missing drink with gin. Then Boris scored some puffing Jane.

I'm not sure who drank all the gin, but I'm pretty sure Sarita got her share. Then we were down by the beach, where there was a platform with a rock group going like brothel time.

People were all around us, mostly guys, dancing and pushing and mingling wildly. St. Joan is fireworks night in Barcelona. Bombs were going off all around, and no one was slowing down to write the Star Spangled Banner. Some guys loved shooting roman candle fire into the crowd.

A tall Barcelonan guy found Sarita, and they were soon communicating, though neither could speak the other's language. Boris got so high he couldn't stand up straight, so Shannon had to carry him off home to look after him. That left me behind to look after her friend Sarita.

Sarita definitely wanted to go off and spend time with her Barcelonan, but I, square that I am, wondered if this was a good idea. I tried to encourage her to go with me, but she resisted. So there was I, in a howling crowd, dragging a pretty girl along by the hand, crying "I want to go back!" and pointing herself back to her guy like a demented compass in a storm.

I don't know how we got out of it. Taxis there were none. Jan Vels took the guy aside and beguiled him with some kind of conversation, while Sarka, thank goodness, took over the task of dragging Sarita. Finally we got away.

Sarita thanked me when we finally got back to the apartment. It was around 5 a. m., and St. Joan's night was over. I didn't see Shannon for days.

At that time Barcelona had no law against going naked in public. It was a curious oversight in their legal code. I suppose they thought no one would ever want to do such a thing.

In 2010 I decided to take advantage of this. I had a feeling it was too good thing to last. Indeed it didn't, for they changed the law in 2011.

I rented an apartment in Barcelona for the whole month of June 2010 and again for the whole month of September. Many beautiful girls went naked in public for my lens.

It's very appealing to watch a pretty girl going naked in public. It's a fantasy, a beautiful world where life is charming and easy, and so are the girls.

In reality, pretty girls never go naked in public. They wear sexy clothes, which tantalize and tease and frustrate. Men well imagine what they look like, but they never see. It's part of the ongoing frustration of men.

Women arouse desire and frustrate it. Of course the desire originates in the men, but women build it up and increase it, often deliberately. Yet when the men make advances, the answer is often no.

We live in a society where sex is not easy. We no longer live in the tribal days, when the tribe would look after pregnant girls and their babies. Girls now are convinced they need a permanent man to be a husband (husband = "house bound," that is, bound to provide a house) and a father to the children. They are fussy and demanding.

That's why I called these videos Barcelona Magic. It's a magical world, where things for once go as we men would like them. Pretty girls follow their nature, and show off to everyone, for once without the obligations and oppressions of our civilized world.

I met Gwen, the most beautiful of all the Synetech models, except perhaps for Shannon. Jan Vels brought her down to Barcelona. Video with her was an amazing experience. She went naked for me in a nightclub called Club Otto Zutz, dancing and talking with people and posing on the bar.

She went naked in crowded city steets and squares, and walked for ten minutes or more, stopping to admire the merchandise of street sellars and to pose for the photos of bemused passers by.

Gwen went to a rental bike shop, and left all her clothes as security for the bike, and rode out around the city streets and along the seaside esplanade. She locked the bike and went naked into the Mediterranean, and afterwards washed off in the outdoor shower behind the beach.

In 2009 Shannon had posed for one artist in the weekly art market, which took place every Saturday and Sunday in a central square called the Plaza Pi. Since there were dozens of artists there, I got the idea of asking Gwen to pose for them all.

She was happy to do so, and did one-minute poses for about twenty minutes. At first we had three artists sketching her, but by the end there were over a dozen. Then Gwen walked around the market casually naked, looking at the works of art.

She even walked along the street away from the market. She stopped in a shop and looked at the clothes for ten minutes, finally choosing a t-shirt. It was very easy to try things on without having to worry about a change room.

She carried the t-shirt in a bag and walked naked a long ways further to the big square in front of the cathedral. There she walked so far from the camera that she disappeared in the crowd for some time. Finally she returned and I interviewed her briefly. She thought the whole experience was great fun.

Gwen was just one of many girls who had fun showing off naked in Barcelona that year. Marketa was even more proud of showing off her body.

Marketa was quite good at roller blading, so we rented her a set of skates and followed her in one of the trishaws that tourists love to rent in Barcelona. She wheeled down the long boulevard from the Triumphal Arch toward the coast, and raced along a city walkway scattering pedestrians.

When we reached the seaside, she rolled a long ways along the esplinade until finally reaching a ramp down to the beach. At the end of the ramp was an exercise area for muscle guys, who must have wondered about the sudden appearance of a naked girl on skates.

The World Cup was on that year, so we painted a Spain soccer uniform on Marketa's naked body. A match was on, so we went all around the town, visiting bars where people were watching the game, and cheering with fans as we passed.

I'm happy to say that Spain won the World Cup that year. I like to think Marketa's naked frolic gave them luck.

All these shoots are in Barcelona Magic 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Marketa liked being sexy too, and she went out naked and visited another bar where she danced erotically and massaged her body and generally was as sexy as she could be. You can see this shoot in Free & Wild 11: Naked Freedom. It was another example of how girls liked to perform to show off their sexiness in tribal days.

Judit was even more sexy. She handed out free coupons in front of one bar, and then walked from the bar to a crowded street. She did sexy poses for several photographers in a professional photographic shop, and then walked outside and posed some more in a public park with traffic all around.

We went to a crowded square, Plaza George Orwell, and she took off her clothes and posed naked in front of the monument to him. There must have been 50 people there who had cameras and started taking photos of her, and Judit posed for them all. You can see this shoot in Naked & Proud 1.

When we gave her some oil, back in the apartment, Judit oiled and caressed herself even more sexily.

Judit even walked naked in La Rambla, the most crowded boulevarde and most popular tourist spot in Barcelona. She caused something of a sensation there, with dozens of people taking photos and asking what was going on. This shoot is in Barcelona Magic 2.

Two beautiful girls named Andrea and Agi came down from the Czech Republic with Jan Vels. They went naked at the Australian Bar, which is one of a whole line of clubs next to the Porto Olimpico, the aquatic site of the Olympic Games which Barcelona hosted in 1992. The girls even went naked out in front of the bar among the crowds of people strolling along. Andrea got quite wild and did a whole series of dances in front of the men who were soon lined up inside the bar.

Andrea and Agi also went naked in La Terrrazza, a fascinating nightclub open to the sky in the centre. They roamed around among the guests, and climbed upstairs to pose in front of a large painting of a naked girl. They danced on a podium in the centre of the crowd, and on the platform where they DJ was working his magic. It was a wonderful evening, and it went on til dawn.

These two shoots are in Barcelona Magic 3 and 4.

Altogether ten girls showed themselves off to Barcelona that year. We did lots of shoots in restaurants, bars, and crowded nightclubs as well. No one ever minded or objected at all, showing that the laws against public nakedness are obsolete -- at least as far as girls are concerned.

I think we even did something for the tourist appeal of Barcelona. If we could have kept it up, we probably could have given Barcelona an international reputation.

But the church and the government were too strong. In 2011 the church persuaded the government to pass a new law which made public nakedness in Barcelona a crime. So now we know who our enemies are.


Chapter 35.

Good Health.

As I approached the age of 70, my health continued excellent. I was not taking any pills on a regular basis. I had no chronic conditions, like back pains, dizziness, or forgetfulness, which trouble many people of my age.

Was this due to my travels with girls? I think in part it was. We humans are biologically suited to living in groups, or tribes. That means having young people around on a regular basis.

I think it is good for old men to have young women around. Whether it's because of pheronomes, beauty, or pleasing company, I think girls do men good. I think that's why men focus on girls. Just watch what happens at any party where men are free to move around.

Yeats's "crazy salad" means that travels with girls can be hectic, but it is the right kind of stress. Video making itself can be stressful, but it is stress that is quickly resolved. Videoing Shannon walking naked down Barcelona streets was exciting, and any stress generally resoved itself into feelings of triumph.

We humans are designed for stress. In tribal days people were often in exciting situations, like hunting and killing an animal in a hunt, or running away from an animal that could kill you.

Stress produces four important reactions:

1. Your system is flooded with the energy burst of adreniline, for fighting or fleeing.

2. Your blood clotting factor increases, so that if you are injured you won't bleed too much.

3. Your immune system shuts down. If you are being chased by an angry wooly rhinocerous across the snows of the ice age, it doesn't matter if you catch a cold. You need all your energy for running.

4. Your digestion shuts down too.

For tribal people, the stresses were quickly over.   The distortion of bodily functions didn't matter. Soon they were safe and back to normal, or dead.

Much of modern stress is not so quickly resolved. Maybe you don't like your job, or don't get along with your spouse, or you have teen-age kids that don't understand you, or you are just stuck in traffic, or life. These are stresses that go on and on.

We get sick with stress. The excess adreniline gradually wears us out. The impaired digestion gives us stomach trouble. The hindered immune system means we get colds. Worst of all, the blood clotting factor may produce a clot in our bloodstream that gives us a heart attack.

What we need, what we are designed for, is stress that is quickly over.

People go to football games to feel the kind of stress they need, or go jogging, or go to the movies. These are good for you, because when the game or movie or jogging is over, the stress is done and you feel relief. Aristotle spoke of a feeling of catharsis when the play at the theatre is over.

With pretty girls around, you feel the right kind of stress.

In travels with girls, and in video shooting, you have the kind of stress humans were designed for. Stress that resolves itself, and is quickly over.

It may sound ironic, but one of the charms of pretty girls is that they cause all kinds of minor chaos. The same is one of the charms of video making. It's an exciting and topsy-turvy and altogether agreeable kind of life.

Starting in 2010, my video making settled into an agreeable pattern. I had lots of models, including some Australians but mostly girls from the Czech Republic, where Danny lives. I made video with at least six girls every year. We shot in locations Danny found, or in Barcelona, with the help of Jose Baca.

Gwen continued to be my most beautiful and dedicated model. In 2011 she did lots of shoots in Czech. She went naked in the Bird Cage Club, where Shannon and four other girls had enjoyed a naked evening seven years before. We painted her like a tiger and she roamed around the yard.   We painted a bicycle costume on her and she rode a bicycle down country roads. The tiger shoot is in Holidays With Girls 2 and the bicycle shoot is in Exercise Girls.

Agi came to Barcelona again with a lovely blond model named Aneta, and they went to La Terrrazza. At first Aneta was shy and nervous, but she soon opened up. She danced and posed on the central podium, and even lay down and crawled on her knees to attract attention. She went up on the high stage and stood with her legs apart and her hands raised high to show off her lovely body in all its naked splendour.

It was a great example of how girls love to be sexy and show off their bodies, as long as they are sure the crowd is sympathetic and is not going to criticize them or make fun of them. This shoot is in Holidays With Girls 1.

Andrea came down to Barcelona again, this time with Danny. We body painted her like Superwoman for Holidays With Girls 1. She went naked at a fetish club called the Be Good Club, where she was very good in front of everyone and with a fetish lady for Revelations 4.

She went naked with a very sexy lady called Sister Dee at the Loft-13 Club for Exercise Girls. Sister Dee can also be enjoyed in Party Girls 2 and Free & Wild 17: Rolling & Rocking.

These were just a few of the many shoots we did in Barcelona with many happy naked girls.

We continued to have parties and frolics in Byron Bay, during the summer months in Australia, which are of course the winter months in Europe.

Rob was still very good at finding models. In January 2009 he met Elizabeth from Germany at ConFest, and invited her to stay with him when she came to Byron Bay. She came for the Byron Bay World Naked Bike Ride, which Rob organized.

So the first time I met Elizabeth, she was naked. She was waiting to be body painted at the World Naked Bike Ride, which I went to and videoed, of course. You can see the ride in Naked & Proud 1.

I've dealt with many naked girls, but Elizabeth was the first one who was naked when I met her. Great!

Thanks to Rob's wife, Elizabeth was able to stay at his house exactly one day, and so she came to stay with me. She was happy to model for me, and we went on lots of trips in the area.

"Would you like to do the hike up Mt. Warning? There's lots of huge trees, and it's never been logged."

"Sounds great!"

"Would you like to do the hike in the nude?"


So we did, and we got some great video footage for awhile. Then we had to stop, because some aborigines who were working on the path complained. Which seemed odd, really.

Rob found four English backpackers, two couples, a few weeks later. We decided to have a naked party, along with Shannon and Boris, who were staying with me, and some other friends. We played ConFest games such as helicopter, which is to see who can make the best circles with his or her dangly bits. We did rolling massage, a human pyramid, and conga lines. There was body painting, bubbles and balloons, and lots of dancing.

Shannon fell in love with Elizabeth and spent the night with her. She wasn't getting along too well with Boris. But she went back to him after a few days. After all, he was handsome and very good at tango.

The party is in Naked & Proud 2.

Yasmine was another exciting model about this time. She got really turned on in one shoot. I asked her to caress her breasts for the camera and talk about how it feels. She said it felt "really tingly."

She crawled around the room too, and rubbed herself sexily on the sofa. She danced on my table with her legs firmly apart. It made a really sexy shoot for Free & Wild 12: Pleasures.

We had a party like the one with Lily. Yasmine showed up naked, walking up the driveway to my porch, as Lily had, four years before. When she got to the front door, she asked (as people in Byron Bay often do) "Shall I take my shoes off?" I thought that was good, because shoes were all she had on.

There was lots of dancing at our party, and Yasmine got turned on again. She showed off her body enthusiastically in her dancing. We had a water slide in the back yard, and she went down it several times.

"What a buzz! It leaves you feeling all tingly!"

I think it was the best of our parties, and you can see it in Naked & Proud 3.

Toward the end of the year I ran into Kimberley again. She was one of the four English backpackers. We had a three-person party with Patrick. We all got naked.

Kimberley was amazing. She was a crazy dancer, and she kept coming up with great ideas of ways of showing off. We had a plastic tube of lights, and she used it to jump rope. She painted her face like a cat. She talked about her first mushroom trip, on the night she entered the wet t-shirt contest at the local nightclub.

"The first time I ever had mushrooms was in Byron Bay. I was with my friend Lindsay and she says, "Kim, you need to have some mushrooms tonight' and I was like 'Well, I don't know if I really like it.' 'Oh, they're so much fun, just do it!' so we were putting them in our food, we were eating them like normal, and I was like 'Whoo-oo-oo!'

"Then I got up in the wet t, and I didn't win just because I was too busy laughing my head off, I was going 'Ha-ah-ah!' This girl next to me, she was sexy dancing, and I was like, I was just pointing and laughing, I couldn't . . so it was one of the best nights of my life, but I didn't win the wet t."

She got a hula hoop. There's something very sexy about a naked girl hula hooping. She lighted sparklers and stroked them across her body. She rubbed herself all over with oil. She asked us to rub her all over with oil. She lay on a mattress and rubbed herself sexily against it. She perched on the railing of the upstairs balcony and danced with her legs wide apart high overhead.

That was our three-person party, but we also had two-person parties, just Kimberley and me. In one of our two-person parties, she paid me a wonderful compliment:

"Hi, my name is Kimberley, and I have more fun with Charles (66 years old) than I would with a 22 year old. So therefore, I want to be as fun as Charles when I'm 66. But it ain't gonna happen! I'm going to be much funner!"

I had three of these two-person parties with Kimberley, just by ourselves. You can see the three-party in Holidays With Girls 1, and a two-party in Party Girls 1.

Every time we had a party like these, I felt my health getting better and better.

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