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Travels With Naked Girls

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Chapter 22.

The economy of the Czech Republic gradually grew stronger, as the communist era receded into the past. I didn't go to Czech in 2002, and when I returned in 2003, our ad for models hardly produced anyone.

But at the last moment we got a phone call from a girl named Katrina. She had been carrying the garbage out, wrapped in last week's newspaper, and just happened to see our ad.

She saved me from a bad moment. I had been planning to shoot with Jana in a place called On The Hill, a nightclub. When we got there it wasn't even Over The Hill, it was The Pits. The owner had not cleaned it from Saturday night, and there were cigarette butts and empty bottles everywhere.

But when I looked out the window and saw Katrina arrive, I felt like in those old movies when the cavalry arrives to save the day. She was just 18, and she was beautiful.

On The Hill had a corner where the walls were mirrors, with a platform about six feet by eight. I got a broom and swept it free of broken glass, and then wiped it clean with a damp cloth.

Jana and Katrina climbed up on the platform in the midst of the mirrors and did what I call mirroring, which is when one girl leads and the other girl does exactly the same thing, following her, facing each other.

Jana moved her arms and stretched and spun slowly around, and Katrina followed her like a dream. I could see this girl was going to be good. She was open and free in her nakedness, and liked being watched by the camera.

Later she danced, and I could move closely across her body, tracing her every curve, and she would weave and writhe sexily in front of the lens. She loved being appreciated, and I did.

Soon we found two other girls, Sarah and Denisa, who had nothing to do now that school was out and they were unemployed.  They were a bit shy, but we took them out in the woods and had them run around and chase each other, and soon they were as natural naked as clothed. 

Katrina, Sarah, and Denisa were happy to go to Prague on a naked excursion with us. We had lots of fun on that trip.  On the way we got Denisa to pump petrol naked at a service station, while naked Sarah cleaned the windscreen.  Denisa even went naked into the building and paid. 

We stopped at a small shop and the three girls happily went in naked and bought drinks and ice creams, and then chatted naked for some time to a group of men outside.

In Prague, the three girls went naked briefly in the centre of the city, but Prague is getting to be quite a tourist centre, and there are security police everywhere.  We did a naked walk in a park, and then we went for a boat ride on the river under the Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge is the original Medieval bridge over the Vlitava River, and is a pedestrian bridge now. It's full of tourists, who waved and took photos and did videos as our three girls stood up and waved to them.  The girls loved it, especially when other tourist boats went past and tooted their horns.  They couldn’t show off enough.

But our best naked escapade occurred at a Medieval castle.

The castle is called Karlstein, and it’s well worth a visit.  It’s on the top of a hill, and it must have been a hell of a job getting all those building stones up there, but anyway, it looks great.  There’s a road up the hill, but they
discourage cars from driving it because it's narrow.

There’s lots of postcard and gimcrack shops lined along the road up the hill.  You can take a horse-drawn cart if you like.  We decided a cart would make great video.

We cleared it with the driver, of course, and as soon as we set off the three girls took off their clothes.  We went along, with people waving and smiling, up the hill to the shops area.  Here we suggested to the driver that we stop so the girls could get out and be admired.

Everyone thought it was a great idea.  The shopkeepers smiled and offered the girls special prices.  The tourists looked startled and then gratified.  Nobody complained, as far as we could see.  We were as surprised as anyone
when the Police arrived.

The Police asked us to come back to the station, which was only twenty yards up the road. The driver had stopped almost right in front of the Police Station, and
hadn’t told us.

Actually the Police were quite nice about it.   Of course they had to do something.  They couldn’t let three beautiful girls frolic naked in front of their station without coming out and talking to them. 

They gave Danny a  bit of a lecture, and fined each of the girls 500 korunas -- about US$17 at that time.  Then they told us to go and enjoy the castle, but please keep your clothes on.

They also said, next time you go naked in public, try not to do it in front of the Police Station.

I admire the Police in the Czech Republic.  They seem to
handle things pretty well.  Another time, we got the same three girls to go naked in a medium-sized town called Litovice.  They undressed right in the square, with dozens of people around, who all loved it.  The girls got bolder and bolder, and walked along the square toward the arcade of shops, and walked right into a policewoman.

Danny went and talked to her, and soon everything was relaxed again.  She let us go with a warning.  The
interesting thing for me about this encounter is that she didn’t make the girls get dressed, as the Karlstein Police did.  The girls stood there naked the whole time she was talking with Danny, til the five were all chatting and laughing together.

Then the girls walked naked back to me -- I was standing there getting the whole thing on video -- and I interviewed them while they got dressed.  They were annoyed at having to put their clothes back on.  But they agreed the
policewoman had to do something.

Our most daring naked escapade this year was when two other models named Eva and Zanetka were in Vysoke Mito, another medium-sized town.  Zanetka got the urge for some ice cream, so the girls undressed in the town square, with lots of people around, and walked about 100 yards across the square to an ice-cream shop filled with people.

What made this shoot interesting is that there was a line of kids waiting for ice cream.   Eva and Zanetka stood in line waiting for several minutes, completely naked, but nobody seemed to pay them much heed. 

There was a boy of about ten outside too, who couldn't stop looking. If seeing naked people is bad for kids, somebody forgot to tell him.

Everybody was amazingly cool, as a matter of fact.  Of  course I was standing there with my video camera, so they could see it was some kind of escapade.

When the girls finally got served, they took their time over choosing.  Zanetka wanted a cone and also a sundae, and she chatted with the serving-girl about her selection for some time.  Finally the two walked out of the shop, eating their ice creams and strolling casually around the
square.  It was wonderful.

It was wonderful too when Katrina and her best friend Petra walked naked up Mt Snezka, the Czech Republic’s highest mountain.  There is a walking trail which zigzags up the slopes, never very difficult to climb. It reminded me of Mt. Warning.

The only difference was that there were lots of people on the trail, hundreds in fact, including groups of school kids. Katrina and Petra walked naked for several hours. At first Petra was a bit shy, but she got used to it. Katrina loved it from the start.

The girls got more and more happy in their nakeness, sometimes walking ahead completely out of sight of the video camera.  People smiled and laughed to see them, and sometimes asked them to pose for photos.

Everybody loved it.  Especially the girls. They were proud of themselves, and I was proud of them too, enjoying their naked freedom.

You can see these episodes and more in Naked In Public 1, 2, and 3.   I really enjoyed these shoots, and they’re among my favourites of all my videos.  I loved watching girls go naked in public, and decided to explore it more completely in my next travels with naked girls.


Chapter 23.


On 31 October 2003 Uti and I went to a Lascivious Ball at a warehouse in Byron Bay. Halloweeen, of course. It was a huge costume party, with performers such as a guy who would massage you with sparklers and a girl who would tie you up and tickle you with ice.

There was a high platform with a girl dancing in minimal leather gear. She was a wonderful dancer.

It was embarrassing. I was supposed to be with Uti, but I could hardly keep my eyes off her.

When she came down, I approached her and asked her if she would perform at a party at my house. She said her name was Foxy. She was a natural redhead, with pure white skin, so the name suited her.

This was the beginning of one of the best of my travels with girls.

She did dance at my party, with a transparent skirt that left her beautiful bum bare, as she danced on the balcony of my house for everyone to see. I soon found she was happy to model naked. Eventually she asked me to call her Shannon in the videos, so that's what I'll call her. To protect the innocent.

Halloween was her birthday, so the first time I saw Shannon was the day she turned 19.

Shannon modeled naked for me several times in late 2003 and early 2004. We went to Cascade Falls, the place Roshelle had shown me 11 years before. We also did a shoot on the bed at my house with her best friend Bella, as they got sexy together. I merged the two shoots and put the result in Free & Wild 5: Girls Together.

Bella wanted to earn enough money to go traveling in Europe, and Shannon naturally wanted to help her. That made both girls eager to do video, and happy to keep thinking of new things to do on video.

We went off to Tambourine Mountain, a resort area in the hills behind the Gold Coast just north of Byron Bay. I knew of a fine old hotel with elegant rooms there, and I did lovely video of Shannon stretching and flexing on the woodwork frame in our room.

There were also lots of mirrors in the room, and Shannon danced in front of one so you could see her reflection in each of two others. It was great to watch Shannon's beautiful naked body from three sides at once, moving and twisting in the dance.

One the same trip we went to Lamington National Park, a huge area of rainforest which has never been logged. We hiked down to a rainforest stream with a pool. On the way Shannon did belly rolls while standing on a fallen tree, and at the pool Bella caressed her.

Both these shoots are in Free & Wild 8: Sexy Fun.

We even did a shoot in which Bella chained Shannon up to a rafter in my home, and then teased her body with foods like chocolate and fruit which she would rub on her skin and then lick off. She tickled her with ice, and they enjoyed kissing each other too. It got quite sexy, especially when they went in the hot tub together. That shoot is in Free & Wild 6: Sensations.

Bella earned enough money to head off on her European trip. I suggested that Shannon and I should meet her in Ibiza. Shannon could travel to Ibiza with me. Seldom have I receive a more enthusiastic response to one of my trip suggestions.

We set off for Madrid one early morning in Sydney in June 2004. We had a great time in the Prado, where Shannon surprised me with a thorough knowledge of mythology. She had studied it in her Steiner Schoo in Byron Bay. One up for Rudolph! She explained what was going on in many of the paintings, like Europa being carried off to Europe by Zeus in the guise of a bull.

Shannon modeled for me in the shower. With a bit of exploring we found a salsa nightclub where she could dance in her sexy clothes til late. Both made great video. Then we headed for our real goal, Ibiza.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain, companion island to Majorca and Menorca. It has become a party island for English and German youth who go there to enjoy the huge nightclubs with techno music, soap spray, and lots of alcohol and drugs. Yes!

I arranged for Katrina to come down from the Czech Republic, and she arrived the day after we did. The day after that, Bella arrived from her travels in England. My friend Patrick, who marketed the videos for me in America, arrived the same day. We had three 19 year old girls who were happy to perform naked.

Bella in fact got naked in the city. We went to buy a portable CD player, which the shop guy demonstrated for us in his shop. I asked if the girls could strip down to their bathers and dance in the shop, which the bemused owner agreed to. Bella's swimmers had no bum cover. She walked around town with her bum exposed for some time.

It was a wild two weeks.

We had a country villa with a swimming pool, and the girls danced naked the first night under a full moon. Shannon and Bella gave a salsa lesson to Katrina. Then Katrina danced to techno music, and Shannon too. It wasn't really her style, but she made it sexy. She made everything sexy.

The nearest town was Santa Eulalia, and it had a nice promenade along the water. The girls went naked on the promenade for about 200 yards and then came back. They met two retired English couples, and when we asked them how they felt to see the naked girls, one of the men said, "If I were younger, I'd join them."

We went to a beach where the girls swam naked and sunbaked on the rocks along one side of the bay. Ibiza had a lot of lovely small bays, though most of them featured tourist hotels or apartment complexes.

One unspoiled beach is the nude beach, Aguas Blancas. This time the girls left our apartment naked and rode in the car naked, leaving their clothes far behind. They walked down the road to the beach naked too.

Like all girls, these three were a bit crazy. If I let them go shopping by themselves, they invariably got lost. If we went to a restaurant, they would get excited and order far more food than they would eat. Like many girls, they would start to feel guilty if they got too full.

Evenings we would head into Ibiza town, where we found a bar that had a happy hour at 10 pm full of colourful fizzy drinks with sparklers and paper umbrellas. The happy hour was two drinks for the price of one, so it made for a buzz of conversation.

The attendant of the bar was named Constantine, from Romania. He said he was saving up his salary to buy a bar of his own. His job was to stand out in front and attract customers, and his bar was always full, even when the rest of the street was empty. He remembered our names every night, and everything we said. He even remembered us when we returned to Ibiza two years later.

I was very impressed. I thought, he'd be a good man to invest in, if he needed capital to get his own bar.

After the happy drinks we headed toward Club 21, which specialized in latin dances. I remember spinning Katrina around in a dizzy whirl while Shannon and Bella got chatted up by two brothers. Then I would leave the girls to their fate and drive back to the villa and happy sleep.

The girls stayed out all night. At first light I would wake up and drive into town in the cool calm of morning and pick the girls up. They would sleep til noon while I explored new places to shoot.

In the afternoon the girls would get up groggy and swim in the pool or do yoga exercises for my camera. Then we would go off and do a shoot somewhere til the evening, at which the whole happy cycle would begin again.

It was wonderful.


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